Health Authority Abu Dhabi Registration & Licensing Exam

Abu Dhabi Health Authority commonly abbreviates as HAAD has its own independent licensing system for healthcare professionals. If you are healthcare professional and like to practice in Abu Dhabi than you must have valid healthcare professional license issued from HAAD.

Please note that from 2014 as per new law DHA and HAAD license are inter convertible i.e. if one has DHA health professional license than it can be converted into HAAD license without appearing in HAAD exam and vice versa but one has to complete few requirements including at least six months practice in country where initial license is acquired.

To appear in HAAD licensing examination you have to fly to Abu Dhabi if you prefer. Good news is that HAAD exam can be given in Pakistan and some other countries as well.

Contact Trust & Ease if you need any assistance for processing your documents for HAAD exam. We will scrutinize your application for free. We will process your case against a nominal fee and make you free from all the hassle of online application processing so that you can concentrate on your own work and leave the rest to us. Please contact us for fee info.

We guarantee transparency in processing your application. You will be provided an email account through which you can check your online status of application from HAAD official website. You will also be receiving notices and information directly from HAAD Official website on your application progress. Furthermore, we will also be providing you all original receipts of transactions from HAAAD official website.

For HHAD exam, three steps will be followed:

1) Apply for credential evaluation process

2) Pay for Dataflow process

3) Eligibility and exam scheduling.

Please note that if you have all required documents ready than this whole process takes around 8 weeks. However, at times, it will be done within 2-3 week time, depending on case and field of specialization.


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